Good Communications with Clients is #1 Priority in a Transaction

Good Communications with Clients is #1 Priority during Transaction


My Promise to You

Good Communications with Clients is #1 Priority in a Transaction


I pride myself on keeping my clients happy and that means staying in touch whether it is every day, 5 X daily or up to sometimes once a week if the client dictates this to me. Believe it or not, I am sometimes hired to take care of selling their home,  sending contracts and disclosures via electronic signature and they really do not want to be bothered until I have an estimated closing date. OK whatever the client dictates! I am flexible and will do whatever they prefer.





  • Mail out a letter just after the initial phone call or email reaching out and introducing myself on paper.
  • I start out with a package to the client and ask them what they prefer. I can usually tell from their response how much and how (text, email, or phone) they prefer to be notified.
  • From day 1 when I set clients up with a search to their email and a title report for my own research, this is the beginning of a great network of good communications between us.
  • At the listing appointment, I give them all the marketing materials that I haven't already emailed them.
  • Signed contracts and a lengthy explanation plus Q & A from the sellers is usually done at this first appointment.
  • After putting the listing in MLS and adding a lot of detail plus 36 photos (our max #) , I email the link to the sellers.
  • is so important to add this new listing to many other web sites and I spend hours blogging and marketing to sites, investors, other agents who sell in that area and especially clients who are looking in that area. Homes & Land magazine and my ActiveRain blog is a must too. Don'f forget putting it on their social media sites as well as mine. Friend your client on FB immediately!
  • Usually every time someone calls to ask questions or show it, I email or text at the end of the day.
  • I sometimes email the disclosures in one attachment and then go and pick them up after they are completed or they can email them back.
  • Keeping the flyer box full and business cards means I must stop by every few days to check on.
  • Calls from prospective buyers is also a time when I need to call and verify the home is available for me to show. Of course, I always show my own properties and do not send a new agent.
  • Telephone calls are usually good to explain any confusion that can be daily, weekly or whenever needed.
  • When I send an email, I text them saying "I just sent you an email". If they do not reply, I usually call them later in the evening.
  • Giving the client daily updates from lenders, other agents, offers coming in, opening escrow, instructions for documents, and just whatever I feel is important to report to my clients.
  • I have even met my clients at escrow just to introduce them to their escrow officer if they ask me to. Then I leave as I feel much of this info is personal.
  • From day 1 until they close, I am there and will answer the phone in the evenings unless I am out with my family but do text saying "What's up as I am not able to take a call" so if they have a big burning question, I can try to fix it via text or email.
  • I have clients who do nothing on the internet so I meet them at their home or my office for signatures or reports or whatever else is necessary.
  • After closing, I send them a handwritten thank you card and not one of those tiny ones. I like to bring them a gift and personally give it to them.
  • If I am showing buyers properties, of course we meet there and typically meet at my office to sign the offer. Home Inspections, reinspections and walk-throughs are also a personal contact event between agent and clients. Also as a listing agent, I typically meet the appraiser at the house and that makes my sellers happy as it shows I want the best appraisal possible. 
  • Then I put them on my list for handwritten cards at every holiday so they will know I am still thinking of them and important that they are still remembering me too.
  • Dropping off little holiday gifts, birthday gifts and of course Christmas baskets is a must.
  • Sending out monthly email newsletters or postcards with new listings. 
  • The one place I do not put my listing on is Craig's List as I do not want to put my sellers at risk.

Over 75% of my business is either re-locations, clients buying or selling again or giving my name their to friends and family. I believe if you give "Great Service" and "Great Communication" is a two step process to a perfect transaction. 

Personal Communications is so important. How can you know your client if you do every thing by internet and send other agents instead? The bond between clients and agents is hopefully a lasting bond. I like people so it is easy to communicate with my sellers or buyers 



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Good Communications with Clients is #1 Priority in a Transaction
Good Communications with Clients is #1 Priority during Transaction My Promise to You I pride myself on keeping my clients happy and that means staying in touch whether it is every day, 5 X daily or up to sometimes once a week if the client… more
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